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Finding a good lawyer is just like any other product. You need to conduct a thorough

research about the candidate before settling for one. Since we always look out for the best, you can trust us when we quote Law Offices of Jerry J Trevino is the best firm and has the best team of experienced attorneys. They represent clients who face a difficult time in their lives after an accident and work dedicatedly to get you fully compensated.

Finding a good lawyer Learning about your rights Jerry Trevino Law

Learning about your rights is always an add-on

Learning about your rights there are times when people suffer serious injuries because of an accident and experience significant financial and personal challenges. These victims unfortunately do not know where to turn for help. Therefore, it is always better if you are safe than sorry. Learning and protecting your legal rights is always helpful whether or not you are in need of it.

  • The most vital step is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the accident. Call

   for the emergency personnel and make sure all the injured persons are stabilized.

  • Gather as much information as you can. Make use of your devices to record all the

   details about the scene.

  • The last step is to contact your insurance company and report the accident to them.

You must only provide the information and not sign any paperwork or agree to any settlement they offer. Thereafter, you should contact an experienced attorney to handle your case.

Do you have a case? Meet the dedicated advocates

At the Law Offices of Jerry Trevino law, they focus on the victim’s health condition rather than the expenses and personal financial issues. They help you get back in your form while seeking the appropriate justice for your case. They are committed to helping people who have been injured by the negligence and wrongdoing of others. Handling a wide range of personal injury claims, including auto accidents e.g. car, truck, and pedestrian accidents; premises liability, work accidents, other general negligence claims and wrongful death claims; they serve their clients with a narrow focus. They offer personalized legal representation according to individualized needs of their clients.

Personal Injury — Plaintiff

Premises Liability

Work Accidents

Serious Injury & Wrongful Death

Motor Vehicle Accidents — Plaintiff

Car Accidents

Truck Accidents

You can definitely count on Jerry Trevino Law for your case!

You can be confident that you will receive experienced and dedicated representation from the Attorney Jerry J Trevino. He has been advocating ardently in personal injury cases for over two decades. Skilled trial lawyer with expertise in Personal Injury provides each of his clients with a vigorous representation they deserve.

Finding a good lawyer Learning about your rights Jerry Trevino LawEmergency?


Jerry Trevino offers free consultations to discuss your case and also has two convenient office locations to meet your needs. Even f you are unable to travel following your accident, they will put your needs above and will meet you at your home or in the hospital.

Finding High Excellence Divorce Lawyers

Divorces are, definitely, one of the maximum painful and exhausting periods of any individual’s life, irrespective of how short otherwise long the wedding has been. The emotive stress and burdens that persons about to get a divorce face is somewhat that could hardly be imagined. The pain plus suffering is typically incapacitating plus debilitating adequate so that the person is incapable to be objective as well as makes incorrect decisions. This is exactly why people about toward get a divorce must get proficient help from divorce attorneys. However, finding a good divorce lawyer could, by itself, be a hard task owing divorce lawyers accessible to a person. Finding a worthy law, firm like John K Grubb and Associates, can be made simple if the individual follows a certain approach and analyzes a numerous options.finding a divorce lawyer in houston local directories John K Grubb and Associates

  1. Asking friends, family plus acquaintances:  The first phase of finding high excellence divorce lawyers must be to ask friends, family associates, and acquaintances. It is much improved to find attorneys who have now satisfied somebody your faith with their services. Also, a friend, family associate or acquaintance would be more approachingaround the divorce lawyer, his persona, his skills, his credentials and even his limits. So, it is safest to ask persons who could be trusted.
  2. Examining the internet:
    The next stage would be to go online plus go through as numerous online legal services websites and local directories as likely. The internet creates it mainly easy for persons to find lawyers who concentrate in one niche owing to the exponential upsurge in reach and availability. For instance, a person can go over 10 legal services websites in a matter of half an hour as alongside visiting just one attorney’s office physically. Consequently, the internet can be used to make shortlists which can be chased in detail later.
  3. Going over referral services:
    The internet moreover has referral services which could be used to find attorneys who have been researched plus found to be consistent and trustworthy. However some referral websites allow lawyers to pay as well as enter their lists, there are others who have sturdy qualification principles and only contain lawyers in their lists if such attorneys qualify. A worthy referral service can be trustworthy to offer good commendationssince otherwise, their own reliability will fall.
  4. Seeking info at bar associations:
    Another choice for a person in search of divorce lawyers is to go toward the local bar’s association as well as ask for a list of them. Bar associations comprise some very particular delicacies of info about registered attorneys and are more than eager to help customers looking to hire attorneys with a precise specialization. It is moreover worth stating that registered attorneys tend to be more dependable and upright.finding a divorce lawyer in houston local directories John K Grubb and Associates

Finding a divorce lawyer in Houston is easy however what is not easy is discovery a top class divorce attorney. Therefore, you must ideally use all the guidelines given above, shortlist your prospective lawyers plus then firmly go around comparing them toward each other to discover a divorce attorney who is appropriate to your persona and purpose.


Critical Factors to Consider in the Slip and Fall Law

One of the basic criteria to be considered in the slip and fall law while filing the lawsuit for slip and fall is the premises liability of the property owner. The others are general liability (of the responsible entities), insurance, job and medial parameters. The extent and intensity of injury and its present and future effects on the victim and his family will be considered as the main parameters for the evaluation of compensation claim. Some of the clauses in the law could vary between states to certain extent. Personal injury lawyer corpus Christi can be approached for a clear understanding of its applicability in your specific state.

Premises Liability in the slip and fall law

  • The owner of the premises could be held liable for compensation, when his negligence is proved to be responsible for the slip and fall injury. This could be due to lack of safety and security measures, poor or no premises maintenance (/housekeeping) and other factors as deemed applicable by the law.
  • The premises liability of the owner shall be applicable only when the claimant has the legal right to enter the premises at the time and day of the slip and fall incident. For this he needs to prove that he is an invitee (tenant, customer or visitor) and not a trespasser.
  • The remedial measures taken by the premises owner may not be sufficient to forewarn the victim or protect him from sustaining injuries. For example you can consider the marble floor installed within the washroom of a cinema hall. It has a tendency to become slippery when it gets wet. The responsibility of the owner is to keep the floor dry and display a warning about the slippery nature of the floor at prominent places in the cinema hall. If he fails to perform his obligations, he can be held liable in cases of any slip and fall incident.

Personal Injury Lawyer Corpus Christi

  • The experienced personal injury lawyer Corpus Christi has dealt with many cases of slip and fall where the employee or an associated member of the premises has been responsible for the creation of “unsafe” condition at the location of incident. In some instances a third person might be responsible for causing the slip and fall incident (customers throwing wax paper or other slippery material on the floor). Even in such cases the premises owner could be held responsible for negligence of cleaning responsibility. The time interval between the cause of the condition and the incident will be considered for making the premises owner liable.
  • The nature and intensity of injury /fracture sustained by the victim can become critical when the slip has happened at a considerable vertical height, like the first floor or higher. In such cases the experience and expertise of the lawyer can be helpful in enhancing the demand for compensation claim from the premises owner and the insurance company.

Role as Truck Accident Lawyer

Personal injury lawyer Corpus Christi has specialized in many forms of accidents in which the victims have right for compensation claims. The role of truck accident lawyer is one such service which helps the victims get their rightful claim for compensation.