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Singer 4423 Review – A Solid yet Affordable Sewing Machine for All

Are you searching for the best sewing machine which is reliable, user-friendly and cheap? You are at the right place. In this Singer 4423 review, we are going to take an in-depth insight to this heavy duty sewing machine. Whether you are just a beginner or sewing for years, it’s a good deal. It comes with plenty of amazing features. It is very simple to use.

Singer 4423 sewing machine is undoubtedly a durable and strong machine. It is made with highly durable metal frame, features a stainless steel bedplate and a powerful motor. It can last years after years with proper maintenance and care. It is also good enough to gift a relative or friend who is just starting to sew.

All of the settings and dials are easy to adjust and are analog. It is also fast with up to 1100 stitches per minute of speed. It is also strong enough to manage all kinds of fabrics like denim and also works on light fabrics like silk.

Key Features

Despite having a lot of benefits in using these computerized machines, it is always better to choose something which is less complex. Singer 4423 comes with 23 in-built stitch options, such as 6 essential stitches, 12 designer stitches, 1 buttonhole stitch, and 4 stretch stitches.

You can set each of these stitches up to 5mm. Along with 23 stitches, Singer 4423 has an adjustable stitch, needle threader, snap on presser feet, presser-sensitive foot, 3 needle positions, smooth tension adjustment, auto-reverse, drop-in bobbin, S.S. blade plate, and free-arm capacity.

Despite being made with metal frame, the sewing machine is extremely lightweight. This way, you can easily move the machine. It also features some of the major accessories which comes in it for learners, such as –

  • Zipper foot
  • All-purpose foot
  • 4-presser feet
  • Buttonhole boot
  • Button sewing foot
  • Auxiliary spool pin
  • Quilting and edge guide
  • Basic tools like screwdriver for maintenance, seam ripper, dust cover, and lint brush


Singer 4423 is the best-selling sewing machine in the market for all good reasons. It is very simple to use and is very quiet. No matter you are a beginner or you have been sewing for years, you won’t buy a machine which has complex functions.

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It has got a strong motor to sew through almost any fabric you want, no matter how thin or thick it is. Most of the budget machines end up jamming in those tasks, but Singer is different. It has got automatic needle threader to save a lot of time as well as easy-to-load top drop-in bobbin.

Singer 4423 comes with around 90 days of warranty on the attachments, bulbs, and belts, 25 years of warranty on the machine head, and 2 years on electrical parts.

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooktop vs. Gas Stove

Gas stoves have been used for decades in India. Most of us have learnt how to cook noodles and potato fries on gas stoves. These days, we don’t have much time to cook meals. So, we need a clever cookware that can prep our meal with just one switch. Induction cooktop has led the marketplace. But both gas stoves and induction cooktops have their own pros and cons.


Pros of Induction Cooktop

  • Induction cooktop is faster than traditional stoves to prep your meals. Some cooktops also come with in-built menu options. You can easily set the ideal temperature for a meal by just touching the menu. Induction cooktops take less time for cooking.
  • They just heat the surface as well as the cookware. So, they take less energy. You no longer need to face the sweaty kitchens. You don’t have to set them on fire.
  • It is also safer than gas. Some cooktops also come with child safety locks.
  • They are also easy to clean when compared to gas stoves.
  • They are the convenient options if you don’t have much time to stand for cooking. They can take care of your meal with its time-setting feature. Just schedule cooking and it will stop automatically once the food is cooked.
  • They also take a lot less space. They are good choice for small kitchens as they can fitted very easily if you have a power socket nearby.
  • They are portable too. You don’t have to miss your home cooked meal when you are away.

Cons of Induction Cooktop

  • You can only use cookware that is compatible to it. Induction cooktops don’t work on all utensils.
  • You need to place it according to manufacturer’s guidelines only.
  • Many users are not comfortable with it as they are used to cook on gas.
  • They are also more expensive than gas stoves.

Pros of Gas Stoves

  • Just switch on the knob and the heat is on. Unlike induction cooktops, you don’t have to wait for it to heat the surface.
  • Gas stoves can work with any cookware. All you need to use branded, ISI marked and best gas stove in India for added safety.
  • Many people are comfortable using knobs of gas stoves instead of touch panel in Induction cooktops.
  • Gas stoves are a lot cheaper than their induction counterparts.

Cons of Gas Stove

  • You should be familiar of the safety instructions before using gas stoves.
  • They are hard to clean
  • It takes more space in your pantry
  • Not all the heat it generates is used in cooking
  • If you are traveling, you are definitely going to miss your home cooked food.