All you want to know about cracking joints

cracking joints

Complex structure:

Your joints are quite complex in structure as they have many different parts involved. There are more than one bones involved in every joint. A frictionless layer of a soft tissue known as cartilage is also there. It is there to create a soft contact between the bones. There is some free space between the opposing cartilages and it is filled with a liquid. That liquid is also frictionless and it further adds to the frictionless property of the cartilages.

Weird sounds made by the joints:

Quite weird sounds are produced by some specific movements in our joints. These sounds are referred as:

  • Cracking
  • Popping
  • Snapping

The sound produced by the knees when we removed the bend in them after few hours is called “snapping” sound. Changing the position of the neck after a bit long interval produced a “cracking” like sound. And producing movement in ankles after a little bit long time produces “popping” sound.

Is it something to worry about?

If you are feeling pain in your joints, or you can’t walk properly you need to choose the best supplements. Sometimes, joint’s health is damaged very badly and sometimes only pain arises. People are quite worried about the joint’s pain. With the help of good diet and daily supplement, you will come out from the decreased inflammation order of joints. In fact, Customerhealthguide provide the best solution in a shortage of time. So, you will never worry about the snapping, popping and cracking sounds, which comes when you walk.


So, the conclusion is that no one should worry about the noise produced.

Is sound accompanied by pain as well?

Well, in few cases, the sound may be accompanied by the pain as well. Not every bad case has pain rather some of them may feel discomfort as well. In such cases, one should be concerned about the sound and contact the doctor as soon as possible. Any feeling of pain or discomfort with the noise is not a good sign and requires proper diagnostic and treatment.

What can cause pain?

The exact cause varies from person to person and can only be diagnosed after following a proper diagnostic procedure. In the majority of the cases, the cause was reported to be an injury. Injuries can happen due to any wrong movement of the joint. One of the other causes of pain is a deficiency of vital nutrients.

In the absence of those vital nutrients, the repairing system of the body is not able to completely repair any damages inside the joint. Another point mentioned on Customerhealthguide is that the cartilage also wears and tears a little bit due to the movement. Natural repairing system of the body needs some compounds and nutrients to repair this damage.

Why are sounds produced?

When we move our joints, some nitrogen bubbles are trapped inside the spaces. The popping of nitrogen bubbles actually produces these sounds.